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Redneck Comedy Magician

The James Michael Redneck Comedy Magic Show

Comedy Magic Show at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Comedy Magician: one of the unique magic shows along the strip. The James Michael Redneck Comedy Magic Show is a haliriously good time.

He combines his halirious antics with the wonderment of modern magic that provides you with an amazing show each and every time.

With something for everyone, the Redneck Comedy Magic Show in Las Vegas is an amazing performance that encourages audience participation.

Whether you are interested in the funny side of the comedy show, or the wonder of magic, one thing is clear; James Michael knows how to put on one heck of a show.

Comedy Magic + Booze = FUN!

James Michael now brings his kind of jaw-dropping excellence to the strip, and puts on the kind of show you won't find anywhere else. For the best comedy magic Las Vegas can offer, you should make the best choice in the Redneck Comedy Magic Show.


After enjoying one of his shows, you are sure to appreciate his unique take on magic and comedy.

Ya’ll heard of street magic…. we’ll hold your horses….cause here comes some dirt road magic.
James Michael’s RedNeck Magic might not be the brightest crayon in the box or he’s just too big for his own britches! But he has taken the suave and sophistication out of your typical douchebag Las Vegas magician, and brought it back to its roots!
With boots, booze, and bad words.

His show is what you get if you crossed David Copperfield and an episode of HEE HAW!
So, if you’re looking to go hog wild then I reckon this show will have you grinning like a possum eating grits out of a light socket! Cause when you walk out of the theatre ya’ll gonna be…
A bit drunker
A bit trashier
And wishing you were wearing diapers!
Cause this shows the sh*t!

RedNeck Magic
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